Discovering Kriya Yoga

Whenever I think of Karma I think of the story about the dog.  Many years ago, while visiting a friend in New York City, her roommate told me this story. One morning she woke up to sadly discover that her German Shepard had died during the night. A quick call to her vet revealed that if she wanted her dog cremated she would need to bring him in herself. Since she didn't have a car she got her biggest suitcase out, placed the dog inside, and headed for the subway. It was slow going, as her dog weighed seventy five pounds.  When she finally arrived at the subway, a great, big guy showed up out of nowhere and offered to help her as she struggled with the suitcase at the turnstile. She gratefully accepted his offer and he hoisted the suitcase over his shoulder and ran off with it!  Now that is Karma!


Kriya Yoga